The star of math

Wow look at that beautiful star in the sky. Hmm! I think I discovered a new star . I will call it star math because it looks like a star of math. I was drawing a star, it’s not just any star, it’s a geometric star . If you don’t know what geometric means I can tell you all you have to do is ask. Ok, ok, I under stand you want me to tell you. Well geometric means that each side of the shape is the same. So now I have told you will you stop asking me what that geometric means.


A splash of leaning

Today me and my class were doing a presentation of our work. I was learning about tsunamis and the thing I was clear at talking.  One thing I should work on next is more eye contact.

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The maths which

mhahahahaha frog legs and a bit of this and some fingers mhahahaha now a bit of hair wait. Oh hi sorry i was just making my eeevvil potion mhahaha because today we were leaning how to do capacity we had to make a potion we had to put six different thing and it had to make exactly 600 Milliliters.

Maths flip

Today for math we did something fun we did bottle fliping.

we had to find which amount of water was the scsasful for fliping mine was 200 millilitres.

Run run run fun run


Should animals be kept in zoos

Should animals be kept in zoos I think only endanger animals should be kept in zoos.

Reason one because to many animals are be coming instanced ever day. Last year there was 16,118 now there are 16,306 this year.

Also animals have bearly anoth room in there cages. They have not anoth spas to run around. If we only have endangered animals in we only need three or for so there will be more spas.

The last reason why is that animals belong in the wild there sepoys to be free. If one animal dies it’s ok there r more but if there endangered and they are the last one it maters